Rules and Tournament Breakdown

Location: Agana Shopping Center

Date / Time : July 13, 2019 12PM

All matches will be single elimination. The tournament will be played on PC utilizing HTC Vive VR Headsets. Each

player will be on two separate systems and will not be able to see their opponents progress and scores during

matches. All players will play the same 3 songs during preliminary and quarter final rounds. Players will take turns

picking songs for the Semi and Final matches.

Participants must check-in with Project Matrix Staff prior to the event.

Scoring & Rules:

-Matches will consists of 2 players head to head best 2 out of 3 songs wins the match.

-All players will be assisted when putting on the headsets. We encourage all players to set height settings,

ensure headsets are comfortable, goggles are clear and sound on headphone. Players will NOT BE ALLOWED to pause or reset once a song is played even after an accidental menu button is pressed

- "No Fail" will be turned ON for all players during the entire tournament except

"SUDDEN DEATH" (see below) rounds. You will not be judged on completion of the song.

-100 points will be rewarded to the 1 player with best showmanship and style per round. 

-If you press "continue" button after a song ends not allowing your score to be seen by a judge, you will 

automatically be given a loss for the song. 

-Accidental button presses are unavoidable. All players are allowed 2 accidental button presses during their

turn. A third press will be an automatic loss for the song.

-If you are not present during your match, we will skip your match once and your match will be played at the

end of the current rounds. If you are not present for the second time, you will automatically be disqualified without

a refund.

Preliminary/Quarter-Finals Round:

All players will play the same three songs during  their match. Songs will change during every round. 

Songs list : 

Party Mode / Hard Mode

1. Popstars by KDA

2. One Hope by Knower

3. RANDOM song picked by PM Staff

Player who wins best 2 our of 3 songs advances. 

Semi-Finals / FINALS Rounds:

-Each player will select their song of choice and difficulty level. Rock/Paper/Scissors will determine who will pick 

the first song and the second player will select the next song. A third song will be selected by Project Matrix Judges as a tie-breaker.

-Player with the highest score will win that round. Player who wins 2 out of 3 rounds wins their match.


If at anytime a tie occurs after 3 rounds of songs has been played (ex: 1st song: TIED SCORE  2nd song: PLAYER 1 WINS  3rd song:


Both players will play the following:

Song: Crab Rave

Mode: No Fail OFF

Level: Expert +

The first to fail loses or highest score wins. If during the round both players fail at the same time, sudden death round

will be repeated until a winner is determined.

Let the battle begin!

  • $10.00 Entry Fee. $20.00 at the event.
  • Only 16 slots are available
  • Open to all players ages 13 and up. Minors will need parents permission form. 
  • Tournament will be featured during Agana Shopping Center's Epixcon
  • Epixcon tickets sold separately 
  • Call 1(671)858-5097 for questions or more info.